Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple Labs' Quick Start Kit for Arduino - Basic Breadboard Setup How To?

The Breadboard

The Breadboard is a simple construction base for building circuits without soldering. you can plug in different components and plug in wires between them. The top two rails and the bottom two rails are called the power rails and these are marked with a '+' and '-' symbol. These are connected as rows. Each row of connection consists of 5 groups of 5 points each per group. There is no connection between the 5th and the 6th group so the points is group 1 to 5 are connected and the points in group 6-10 are connected. we can connect a wire between any 2 two points of these groups and get them all connected. [This could be confusing if you have never used a breadboard before, we will try and make it easier soon!] 

We would need to get all our '+' lines connected to each other and then do the same for the '-' lines. This will make it easy for us to connect various components. Its a good practice stick to color coding for wires. Use red colored wires whenever you connect something to '+' ve,  black colored wires whenever you connect something to '-' ve and blue colored wires whenever you are connecting between components.

So first set up the breadboard as in the following images
First Like This
Then Like This
Final Finished Setup

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