Thursday, November 24, 2011

Simple Labs' Quick Start Kit for Arduino - Kit Contents Overview

The Simple Labs' Quick Start kit was designed to help users get started with Arduino. The kit provides a whole lot of components that increase the experimentation possibility for the beginner. The kit is under constant revision to add different components that promise an increased learning value for the beginner while keeping the cost as low as possible.

Current Kit Contents

Tools of the Trade - Basic set of Tools Required by a beginner
Breadboard X 1Nos
Aligner X 1Nos
Wire Stripper X 1Nos
Hookup Wires – Set X 1Nos
3 Pin RMC Connector X 1Nos
IC Adaptor X 1Nos

Basic Components
Red LED X 3Nos
Green LED X 3Nos
Orange LED X 3Nos
Push Buttons – Large X 5Nos
Trimpot – 10K X 1Nos
Resistors – Mixed X 25Nos
Capacitors – Mixed X 15Nos
Diodes – Mixed X 15Nos
Transistor – 2N2222A X 1Nos

Display Components
7-Segment LED X 3Nos
16 x 2 LCD Display X 1Nos

IR Proximity Sensor X 1Nos
LM35 – Temperature Sensor X 1Nos
LDR – Light Sensor X 1Nos

Misc Components
Buzzer X 1Nos
ULN2003 X 1Nos

Components for Extended Learning

DS1307 RTC with Crystal X 1Nos
74595 – Shift Register X 1Nos
TSOP - Remote Control Receiver X 1Nos


  1. Some Pictures would be helpful for beginners like me. I don't even know what each component looks like.

  2. Kit should include a USb cable for connecting the arduino board to the computer...and as above user suggested, post some pic of the component near to its title.


  3. There is a control board which I have received. Any idea what about it.

  4. Hi,

    Can the connections steps be elaborated for clearer information.
    Where can we get detailed circuit/connection details ?

    Please respond.

    We want to buy it.